Inheritance Tax Planning (Estate Planning)

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Tax rules are more complex than ever - consulting with an Estate Planning adviser may be necessary if you are unaware of the new rules.

Estate Planning does not just apply to the wealthy. More and more individuals and families are falling into the Inheritance Tax trap because the value of their estate is over the threshold. Although recent changes to these rules have led to some estates paying less tax, the rules are more complex meaning advice is needed more than ever if you are unaware of the new rules.

Inheritance tax is a tax on the estate – the property, money and possessions of someone who has died. Inheritance tax is payable at 40% if your estate is over the threshold.

What is Estate Planning?

Generally, estate planning covers a number of advice areas, which may require the expertise of a trusted legal adviser, tax adviser and financial adviser. These areas could include:

  • Writing or updating your will
  • Making sure an existing will is valid
  • Establishing trusts
  • Arranging investments in a tax-efficient way
  • Utilising all available allowances and exemptions
  • Gifting
  • Use of insurance

What is the benefit of Estate Planning?

Estate Planning is not a one-time advice process – it requires regular reviews in line with your changing circumstances and the circumstances of your family. The many benefits of Estate Planning include:

  • The reassurance of knowing those you care about will be provided for
  • Preservation of wealth rather than paying tax when it can be avoided
  • Avoiding disputes between family members
  • Ensuring funeral arrangements can be made simple at a difficult time for your family

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