Our Director David Connor attended his graduation this month

As our Director David Connor attended his graduation this month to confirm his achievement as a Chartered Financial Planner. We remind ourselves of why we feel being Chartered is so important.

With over 36,000 financial advisers in the UK. It can be difficult choosing a financial adviser. Here at Investment Solutions we are proud of the fact that all of our financial planners are Chartered which is still something quite unusual in Financial Adviser Firms.

The Importance of being Chartered

The concept of being a Chartered Professional dates back to the 19th century. With the first chartered professionals being accountants in Scotland. The title subsequently spread to England and now covers a range of professions including Accountants, Surveyors, Civil Engineers, Architects and Financial Planners.

Being a Chartered Financial Planner is still accepted as the ‘gold standard’ qualification for professional financial advisers and financial planners in the United Kingdom.

In order to achieve this status, an adviser must pass a range of advanced level exams to evidence their expert knowledge in key areas of financial advice. The Chartered Financial Planner qualification fits into the National Qualifications Framework at Level 6, which is equivalent to a Bachelor (first) Degree. They must also have been a practising adviser for at least 3 years, however most Chartered Advisers such as those at Investment Solutions have actually been advising clients on their financial plans for much longer than this. Finally and we think the most important part of being Chartered, is the ethical conduct which all Chartered Advisers must follow by adhering to an industry Core of Ethics.

David Connor who recently achieved his Chartered Status has been giving clients advice since 2002. He has extensive experience in Financial Planning but particularly specialises in Investment Advice. David has clients based in Worthing and Brighton but also has a number of clients in London. He has a particular interest in creating tax efficient and diverse portfolios that can help clients achieve their goals, either now or in retirement.

Once Chartered the work continues

Having the knowledge and experience of being Chartered is important. However once this is achieved, the work does not stop. All of our advisers are continuing to learn in various ways to keep up with industry and government changes. This means that we will all continue to take exams and check our knowledge is always correct and up to date.

Some of our advisers forthcoming exams include the Certificate in Equity Release which Jan Kinghorn and Alison Lane plan on completing over the next few months. This will allow Jan and Alison to give advice on Equity Release. This is an area we are finding clients are asking us about more and more. Ivan Lyons, Jo Penly and David Connor are currently able to give clients advice on Equity Release. Angus Willson, our main pensions expert has recently sat the Pensions Transfers exam which builds on his existing knowledge on final salary pension schemes and when it is appropriate to look at changing them. Finally David Connor plans on taking an exam on securities advice and dealing to expand on his already detailed knowledge of Investment Advice.

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