5 amazing British films to enjoy this winter

Family watching a film together

With the 2022 British Film Institute (BFI) London Film Festival captivating cinema fans from 5 to 16 October, there’s no better time to look over the best British pictures from the last decade. From war films to social commentaries, British cinema has provided audiences with some truly memorable films. Now that winter is approaching, the…

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10 fantastic short novels you can read in a day

A person reading a book.

Often, when trying to get back into the habit of reading, starting a new book can be the most daunting step. But with the National Library of Medicine research suggesting that reading for pleasure carries countless benefits, such as preventing age-related cognitive decline and giving you a greater insight into human nature, it is a…

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The most beautiful train journeys you can take across Europe

The Glacier Express in Switzerland passing over a viaduct in a snowy, mountainous landscape.

Travelling doesn’t have to just get you from A to B. These stunning train journeys can evoke the feel of a bygone era of luxury train travel through scenic Europe. Luxury train journeys were first introduced in the 1860s, with the Orient Express becoming the most well known. Originally, it travelled from Paris to Istanbul…

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