The 3 essential pension decisions you should review to avoid becoming a “triple defaulter”

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Pension savers dubbed “triple defaulters” could be overlooking small changes to their pension that may make their long-term finances more secure. Have you reviewed these three important pension decisions recently?  According to a survey from Aviva, millions of workers who have been auto-enrolled into a pension scheme have never updated their contributions, investment choices, or…

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Retirement planning: Should you consider a phased retirement?

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Retirement can be an exciting milestone, but one that you might feel nervous about too. Setting out how to achieve the retirement lifestyle you want could help put your mind at ease. One of the first things you may have to consider is how you’ll retire – would a phased retirement suit you? Over the…

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10 incredible destinations to add to your bucket list

Seeing more of the world makes up many people’s bucket lists. Whether you want to be left in awe of natural sights, immerse yourself in a different culture, or see a historic monument, there are plenty of destinations to choose from. Read our guide to discover 10 bucket list-worthy destinations that might tempt you to…

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Economic Review – December 2023

Revised forecasts from the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) suggest the UK economy is set to grow more slowly over the next two years than previously predicted. In our economic review this month we begin by looking at the OBR’s data which whilst not predicting a recession is predicting sluggish growth in the UK over…

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Investment market update November 2023

An aerial view of the Thames and London.

While inflation is starting to ease in economies around the world, there are still signs of economic challenges ahead. Read on to find out what affected investment markets in November 2023. UK In November, chancellor Jeremy Hunt delivered the Autumn Statement. Despite media suggestions that Inheritance Tax would be abolished, the biggest announcement was a…

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2 surprising benefits of choosing to drip-feed your investments

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If you want to start investing or would like to boost an existing portfolio, your mind might turn to using a lump sum. However, there could be benefits to drip-feeding your investments instead. Drip-feeding means you slowly add money to your investment portfolio. So, rather than investing £10,000 straightaway, you might increase your investment portfolio…

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