Economic Review – September 2023

The latest gross domestic product (GDP) statistics revealed that the UK economy grew more strongly than expected in June, although more recent survey data does suggest a renewed contraction looks ‘inevitable.’ In our economic review this month we begin by looking at data from the Office for National Statistics which shows the UK economy grew…

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Investment market update: August 2023

A high street in the UK.

Globally, signs suggest the pace of inflation is slowing. However, businesses in some sectors are struggling and weighing on economies. Read on to discover some of the factors that affected investment markets in August 2023. According to a Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) from JP Morgan, reports indicated that manufacturing in Asia, Europe and the US…

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7 useful tips for embracing the circular economy at home

A woman putting a plastic bottle in a recycle bin.

Did you know the UK generates more than 220 million tonnes of waste a year? Of that waste, around 44% is recycled, but a large proportion goes to landfill. Read on to discover how embracing the circular economy could reduce waste. Not only is a huge amount of waste going to landfills, but the production…

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2 excellent ways you could boost your State Pension

While the State Pension may not be your main source of income in retirement, it’s often an important one. If you’re not on track to receive the full amount, there might be things you could do to boost it. For 2023/24, the full new State Pension is £203.85 a week, adding up to around £10,600…

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