Quarterly Financial Bulletin – Autumn – 2022

With the next 30 years set to witness the largest ever intergenerational passing of wealth, the need for inheritance advice has never been greater. Intergenerational planning, can also help with more immediate financial needs. In our quarterly bulletin this month we begin by looking at some of the concerns and needs of intergenerational planning and…

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Investment market update: September 2022

Financial stock market graph on an abstract background.

High levels of inflation and economic uncertainty continue to plague the investment markets. Investment portfolios are likely experiencing volatility – read on to find out what has been influencing markets. Despite the doom and gloom statistics, financial services firm JP Morgan suggests that a global recession could be avoided as inflationary pressures ease. As an…

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5 amazing British films to enjoy this winter

Family watching a film together

With the 2022 British Film Institute (BFI) London Film Festival captivating cinema fans from 5 to 16 October, there’s no better time to look over the best British pictures from the last decade. From war films to social commentaries, British cinema has provided audiences with some truly memorable films. Now that winter is approaching, the…

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5 practical reasons you should create a financial plan with your partner

A mature couple looking at something together on a laptop.

Money and financial goals are still sometimes viewed as taboo subjects, even within relationships. If you’ve been putting off conversations about finances, creating a plan together could have many benefits. Talk Money Week takes place between 7 and 11 November, so it’s the perfect time to think about who you discuss your finances with, and…

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Behavioural finance: The effect of psychology on investors

Someone looking at investment performance on a phone.

You should base financial decisions on logic and facts. But psychology can have a much larger effect than you think, and it can lead to you making decisions that aren’t right for you. Read on to find out more about what behavioural finance is and how it could affect you. “Behavioural finance” was first coined…

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Economic Review -October 2022

In his first fiscal statement since becoming Chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng hailed a “new approach for a new era” as he unveiled a series of tax cuts and other measures designed to spur economic growth. In our economic update this month we begin by covering off the key points of Kwarteng’s mini budget. Although these are…

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