Investment market update: August 2022

Financial stock market graph on an abstract background.

High levels of inflation and concerns economies will experience recessions later this year continue to affect investment markets. While the stock market is experiencing volatility, remember to focus on your long-term goals. Guarantees cannot be made, but, historically, markets have bounced back from downturns and delivered returns when you look at the bigger picture. UK…

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Why taking too little investment risk could harm your goals

Someone looking at investment performance on their phone.

When you imagine the worries that might come with taking investment risk, it’s probably “taking too much” that comes to mind. After all, you’ve likely heard stories of people that have invested in high-risk opportunities and lost some or all their money. However, when you’re investing for the long term, taking too little risk can…

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Market volatility can be attention-grabbing, but you should focus on these 3 areas instead

A man looking at graphs and data on a computer screen.

The last couple of years have been challenging for investors. Factors outside of your control are likely to have led to your portfolio experiencing volatility. However, while market performance often grabs news headlines and your attention, the short-term movements of your portfolio shouldn’t be your main focus. Market volatility characterised the first half of 2022…

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Investment market update: July 2022

businessman checking stock market on tablet

The ongoing war in Ukraine, rising interest rates and soaring inflation could be pushing some economies towards recession in the coming months. This uncertainty has caused real volatility in global stock markets. Indeed, 2022 was the worst first half of the year for developed market equities in more than 50 years. As an investor, you…

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10 fantastic short novels you can read in a day

A person reading a book.

Often, when trying to get back into the habit of reading, starting a new book can be the most daunting step. But with the National Library of Medicine research suggesting that reading for pleasure carries countless benefits, such as preventing age-related cognitive decline and giving you a greater insight into human nature, it is a…

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7 important things to know if you’re a trustee

A father holding his daughter’s hand as they walk.

As a trustee, you may be unsure about what your responsibilities are and the steps you need to take. If you’re acting as a trustee, here are some of the essential things you need to know. Being a trustee means that you’re taking responsibility for money or assets that someone, known as the “settlor”, has…

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