Getting Advice

Investment Solutions offers a range of financial planning services backed by the knowledge, expertise and experience of Chartered Financial Planners.

Whether you are concerned about your pension providing enough retirement income, the performance of your investment portfolio, or you simply feel that you are paying too much tax, we can help you find ways of making the most of your money.  

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Pension Advice & Retirement Planning Advice

Whether you are looking to start a pension, want advice on old pension schemes you have accumulated over the years or are looking for advice on how best to take your retirement benefits, Investment Solutions can offer help and advice.  Investment Solutions' Pensions Specialists are able to advise on all matters relating to pension planning and retirement.  Some of the many areas we advise our clients on include:

  • Pension Schemes - Company Pensions, Personal Pensions, Self-Invested Personal Pensions, Stakeholders, Section 32 plans and Retirement Annuity Contracts
  • Pension Funding and Planning
  • Pension Investments 
  • Pension Transfers
  • Pension Tax Relief
  • Pension Allowances - Annual Allowance and Lifetime Allowance
  • Pension Protection Advice - Primary Protection, Enhanced Protection and Fixed Protection 
  • Retirement Income - Annuities, including Ill-Heath Annuities and Enhanced Annuities, Pension Drawdown and Phased Retirement
  • Divorce matters



Investment Advice & Portfolio Planning

Investment Solutions specialises in providing individually tailored advice for investing, also known as 'wealth management'.  Once we have reviewed your circumstances, objectives and attitude to risk we will develop an investment strategy using carefully constructed asset-allocations, designed to reflect your attitude to risk versus reward.  

Investing is a long-term exercise, so we take great care to monitor and review your investment portfolio in line with global events and economic trends.  

Our Investment Specialists provide financial advice on a very broad range of investments and strategies, which includes:

  • Cash (Deposit Accounts, NS&I)
  • Investment Funds (Collectives) such as Unit Trusts and OEICs
  • Managed Funds such as Cautious Funds or Balanced Funds
  • Corporate Bond, Gilt and Fixed Interest Funds
  • UK Equity, Global Equity Funds
  • Absolute Return Funds
  • ETFs
  • Investment Trusts



Protection Planning

Perhaps the most important aspect of financial planning is ensuring you protect and preserve what you already have, whether it is the welfare and security of your family, your business, your assets or health.  As fully Independent Financial Advisers, Investment Solutions can help you find an affordable and sustainable insurance cover which include all the features and benefits specific to your needs, including policies such as:

  • Life cover
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Income Protection
  • Family Income Benefit
  • Whole of Life policies for tax planning
  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Key Person Insurance
  • Share Protection Insurance

Whether you want to ensure your loved ones are provided for if you die or you are seeking estate planning advice, our thorough approach to protection planning ensures you only have to pay for the cover you genuinely need whilst making sure all key financial objectives are achieved.



Estate Planning (Inheritance Advice)

Inheritance Tax can significantly reduce the value of your estate, impacting upon your loved ones after you have died.  Some simple changes to your financial arrangements to take advantage of tax reliefs, trusts and insurance policies can allow you to reduce the potential liability to inheritance tax, preserving the wealth your family and loved ones.

Investment Solutions can develop a personal strategy to manage your finances in the most tax-efficient way using financial arrangements such as:

  • Trusts
  • Wills
  • Whole of Life Assurance
  • Gifting
  • Inter-Spousal Transfers
  • Joint Tenants versus Tenants in Common arrangements
  • Investments under Trust

Our long-standing professional connections can also help in the event you need to take legal advice for arranging wills or arranging transfers, working in tandem with our Estate Planning Experts to provide a joined-up up approach.



Long Term Care Advice

Planning for your needs in the later stages of life is an important issue that needs a sensitive, carefully considered approach. Investment Solutions provides specialist advice on all forms of Long Term Care plans, which can help pay for care home or nursing home fees in later life, meaning you can preserve the value of your estate of your loved ones.  Investment Solutions can provide you with a plan that utilises one or approaches, such as:

  • Investment portfolio planning designed to achieve capital growth or to provide an income 
  • Advising on and arranging annuities
  • Pre-funded Long Term Care Insurance
  • Immediate Care Long Term Care Insurance

When making provisions for Long Term Care, it is also important to ensure you have a valid will, that your will is effective and up-to-date, and that your financial affairs are arranged in the most tax efficient way.  Investment Solutions will always ensure your plan encompasses all of these concerns, providing you with a holistic plan for later life.



Equity Release Advice

For most people, their home is usually their biggest asset.  Equity Release Mortgages can help provide a retirement income or allow you to unlock the equity in your home to raise a lump sum without having to move and sell your home.  Investment Solutions can provide equity release advice via one of our qualified advisers, who can determine the best option available to you and the best deal available from the equity release mortgage market. 

Our specialist advisers can take you through all the options available in the equity release market, together with other financial plans that should be considered.  These include:

  • Lifetime Mortgages
  • Home Reversion Plans 
  • Providing an income from existing investments
  • Ensuring you are using all tax reliefs available to you

Our advice is tailored to your individual needs and always in full accordance with SHIP (Safe Home Income Plans) guidelines.