The launch of the Worthing Collaborative POD

Separation or divorce can be an extremely emotional and stressful time and very often the thought of having to go to court to resolve financial issues or the arrangements for your children can cause added anxiety. 

The Collaborative process offers an alternative to court as it allows both parties to sit round a table with their legal representatives and find solutions in a constructive and non confrontational  way. The process is not for everyone and both parties need to be engaged with the concept, additionally not all solicitors are trained in Collaborative Law.

The Worthing Pod has been launched to offer support and advice to those seeking the Collaborative route.  The Pod comprises of local collaboratively trained lawyers and financial professionals. Chartered Financial Planner Angus Willson from Investment Solutions was delighted to be invited to join the Pod as one of the financial experts. 

For further information on the Pod and all the members please see