Millennial investors signal the need for face-to-face investment help

Younger investors are most inclined to turn to financial advisers for help, a new global study shows.“Millennials”, those aged between 18 and 35, indicated they are more willing to take personal advice from an investment professional: 46% of millennial investors said they would like to improve their understanding of investments by speaking to a financial adviser, compared with 41% for investors aged 36 and over.

The findings are part of a major study involving 20,000 investors from 28 countries, each with at least the equivalent of €10,000 invested, that points to a strong desire to understand more about investments.

The Schroders Global Investor Study found around nine out of ten investors wanted to improve their investment knowledge. The findings come at a crucial time for world markets, and the potential returns that may follow, given increased global political uncertainty.

The research also found disparities across regions, with more Asian investors expressing a thirst for improved knowledge than European investors. By countries, in Europe the Dutch were least likely to want to learn and Italians were keenest.

Schroders Global Investors Study 2016 found:

  • 89% of investors globally want to learn more to help them understand their investments
  • 94% of millennials globally would like to improve their investment knowledge

Speaking to a financial adviser remains a popular choice among investors before making an investment decision